Jack Holcomb on CD

There are 23 different Jack Holcomb albums. For 2018 I've lowered the prices, so I'm making the music available on CD at the modest price of $5.97 each. The entire set of 23 CDs price has been slashed to $117.00, which includes a hard CD case (see images below). For those interested in MP3 files there is also a DVD available with all of the albums for the very modest price of $47.00. Postage is $3.97 per order (no matter how many CDs you would like) to any U.S. address. International shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Online ordering is processed via Paypal for all countries they serve. U.S. customers may also order by mail.

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All music CDs are direct printed and recorded to order. The original album cover is reproduced for the cover of the jewel case and each CD has the full track listing on its face, as found on the original albums. Full sets are shipped in a hard case (instead of the jewel cases) as a complete library. A thumbnail of the album cover on the face of each CD helps with quick identification.

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In the recent past I have been involved in efforts to see some of Jack Holcomb's music re-mastered and re-released. The efforts have always failed. If there are any masters still around, since the market is so tiny, there is very little chance of our seeing a record company offer any of these wonderful albums ever again. I find this unacceptable and will do whatever I can, for as long as I can, to make the music readily available. The CDs I offer are made from good originals and then run through special software to clean up the sound, making a very decent copy. I am always looking for better vinyl and better methods and from time-to-time I rerecord to get a better master. At some point in the future I hope to offer streaming music, but the expense is too great at present.

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Updated 01-January-2018